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Welcome to our Career Center, dedicated to bringing together hospital staffing needs with qualified individuals to fill those positions.


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How will employers receive resumes?

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Resumes will be faxed to you three or four times per week at the fax number of your choice. 

Please let your staff know that you are a part of this program since we have had staff discard resumes thinking that there really wasn’t a need in their practice. 

If a fax is ever illegible or doesn’t come through clearly, all you have to do is call the office (949-857-6240) and we will re-fax it immediately.

Every Week, Vets4Pets places an advertisement in the Orange County Register employment classifieds and other resources soliciting all levels of veterinary hospital employees with or without experience.
Job Seekers are directed to send their resume by fax or e-mail to the Vets4Pets offices.  Be sure to indicate which position you are applying for.  
Vets4Pets faxes these resumes back out to the Participating Employers. 



Do you review the candidates qualifications?

Will Vets 4 Pets interface between an employer and myself?

NO.  Because each practice has its own guidelines and expectations for hiring, Vets 4 Pets simply collects the greatest number of candidates and act as a conduit back to potential employers

The roll of Vets 4 Pets is to collect your resume and provide it to veterinary practices that are participating members.  After the initial contact between you and potential employers, you will interface directly with the veterinary practice. 



As an employer I’d like to use this service, how do I join Vets 4 Pets?

Does Vets 4 Pets charge to send my resume to employers?

Click here to contact us for a membership application

NO, there is no fee to job seekers for this service.

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