Resume Submission

Use this section to submit your resume.  We will provide your resume and contact information to our participating member hospitals on your behalf.

We will need your name, the job title your interested in, your phone number and E-mail address so that we may contact you.

We will also need your most current resume outlining your work history, educational background and your career goals.

You may submit your resume to us in any of three methods:

  1. Text:   A text box field is provided below to allow you to paste in your resume.  For maximum presentation of your resume, recommend that you pre-format your resume in normal text mode prior to using Text Submission.
  2. Fax:   You may fax your resume to us.  Select this box below to tell us to expect your resume by fax.
    Our fax number is:  253-981-7363
  3. E-mail   You will receive an E-mail acknowledgment when you submit us your information.  Contained within this acknowledgment are instructions on where to E-mail your resume.  Select this box below to tell us to expect your resume by E-mail


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