How To Choose Best All In One Printer in 2019

Printing documents, printing photos, and printers are indispensable tools. Canon, Hewlett-Packard and other brands of printers displayed in major shopping malls, I believe everyone is no stranger. Recently, even low-priced products have been equipped with photo and calendar printing functions and can be used with smartphones.


No matter which product, it is multi-functional. At the same time, the operation of the machine is becoming more and more simple, and problems such as the inability to print become less and less. On the other hand, in the rapid development of the printer market, there are too many options that appear in front of customers, which is also an annoyance.

This time, we will introduce the purchase method of home multi-function printers, including some well-received products. We will still introduce it in the form of a leaderboard. Every year, there are more feature-rich models on the market, and the price is also cheaper every year. Let’s take a closer look at these new products and create a fast, comfortable print atmosphere at home.

How to choose a printer

The method of using the printer also needs to be changed depending on the method of use. Next, we will introduce the main points of purchasing a home printer. I hope that you can refer to our introduction and find the printer with the function you want.

Choose according to the printing method

In short, there are two types of printing methods for home printers. So let’s first confirm the printing method that suits you.

Printing illustrations, photos – inkjet printers

inkjet printers

Home printers are usually small in size and versatile, and the mainstream of them is inkjet printers. It is characterized in that when printing colorful materials such as illustrations and photographs, the details of the colors can be reproduced finely. Moreover, the price of the machine itself is mostly cheap and not enough to constitute a burden, which is also its charm.

Although the main body of the inkjet printer is cheap, the ink cartridges used in combination are very expensive. If a large amount of printing is required, no matter how cheap the main body is, the overall price will be higher. Therefore, when we choose an inkjet printer, in addition to paying attention to the price of the main body, we must also grasp the price of the ink cartridge.

Mass printing – laser printer

laser printer

The principle of a laser printer is the same as that of a copy machine in a workplace or a print shop. It is a high-standard printer. In the past, laser printers were mostly used in workplaces such as offices, but nowadays there are models for individuals and families, and the prices are very reasonable.

The printed matter printed by the laser printer has high water resistance and low overall cost. Although the main body price is higher than other machines, the larger volume also occupies the place, but if you need to print hundreds of pieces of data frequently, it is more cost-effective in the long run. Laser printers are available in color and black and white and can be selected according to the application.

However, the resolution of laser printers is lower than that of inkjet printers, so friends who have high requirements for color quality can use both black and white laser printers and inkjet printers.

Select the main function according to the purpose

The above two types of printers, especially inkjet printers, come in a wide variety of models. Next, we will introduce its three mainstream types, I hope that everyone can use the right to find the machine that suits you best.

Just print? Then choose a simple “single function printer”

Single-function printers, as they literally mean, only print this feature. Therefore, the price of the machine is more reasonable than other printers. It is also simpler to use and is more compact than an all-in-one printer or laser printer.

Although these printers have no additional features, they can do the most basic things like printing photos, greeting cards, materials, and web pages, so for those who only need to print, a single-function printer is enough. Although the all-in-one machine has many functions, it has a lot to use. Instead of letting them take up space, it is better to choose a single-function printer that is easy to use and simple to construct.

Enjoy the fun of printing photos? Can choose “photo printer”

Photo printers, as the name implies, are specialized printers based on photo printing. The main feature is that even if you don’t have a computer, you can print photos directly with a digital camera or a smartphone. There is also a type of mini printer, as long as the environment is right, you can take it when you go out and print photos at any time.

If you only want to print photos with a printer, then we push this photo printer. However, it should be noted that most photo printers are limited in size and function, and A4, B5, and other sizes are usually not printed. If you still need to print the material, you can use the photo printer as an aid, or choose another printer.

Want to copy, scan, fax? Then choose “one machine”


In addition to the printing function, the all-in-one is equipped with functions such as copying and scanning. Because of the multiple functions on one machine, the popularity of the all-in-one is also high in home printers. High-profile models that can directly print materials and photos without a computer, and are also available on the market.

Although the size is slightly larger than other printers, it saves space because there is no need to prepare a fax machine and a scanner. In addition, from the wiring and power consumption, only one machine will be more economical. Scanners, copiers, fax machines, even if you only use one of them, we also recommend one machine. In particular, the scanning function can easily convert paper media into files such as PDF. If you want to convert all kinds of information into friends who save data, it would be a lot easier to have one.

Choose according to cartridge type and overall cost

Recently, the price of home printers has been slightly reduced. For some friends, the purchase of the machine itself is no longer a problem. But it must be noted that the long-term overall use cost of use. Next, we will introduce the ink cartridges used with the printer and the overall cost.

One-piece ink cartridge: simple replacement


An all-in-one cartridge is an ink cartridge that is used with the printer and typically contains a three- or four-color cartridge and an ink cartridge that contains one or two blacks. Although the number of ink cartridges is small, it is compact and is an ink cartridge that is often used in small printers.

One-piece ink cartridges also have the disadvantage that when one of the colors is used up, even if the other colors remain, the entire ink cartridge cannot be used anymore. The entire cartridge must be replaced for one color, so regardless of how cheap the body is, the price of the cartridge will be a heavy burden.

Therefore, friends with a large print volume, or friends who mainly use monochrome printing, are not very suitable for integrated ink cartridges. However, if it is only used normally, there is no problem at all. Especially for those who are not very good at replacing ink cartridges, this one-piece is the most suitable!

Split type ink cartridge: monochrome replacement, higher cost performance


Unlike the all-in-one type of ink cartridge, the color parts of the split type ink cartridge are also independently distinguished. When one color is used up, just replace this color. Therefore, low cost is its greatest advantage compared to integrated. For those who need to use a certain amount of color or print a lot, we recommend a printer that can use a split cartridge.

Used in conjunction with the “powder box” used in laser printers


The toner cartridge is a toner cartridge used in laser printers. Compared to integral and split cartridges, toner cartridges are much more expensive and require a high initial investment. However, a powder box can satisfy a large number of printing, so it is very cost-effective in the long run. For those who use a high-frequency printer or need a lot of printing, choose a laser printer that uses a toner cartridge.

However, for laser printers, the toner cartridge needs to be replaced in addition to the toner cartridge. When comparing the cost with an inkjet printer, don’t forget to calculate the replacement cost of the toner cartridge.

Compare the price of each merchant’s ink cartridges


The ink cartridges used in the printer are different depending on the merchant. Sometimes merchants with cheaper machines will have higher overall costs because of the high price of the ink cartridges. Therefore, when choosing a printer, you should also compare the price of the ink cartridge to determine which brand to choose.

However, it is impossible to grasp the long-term use cost of the ink cartridge by the price alone. Need to compare with the print volume of the ink cartridges.

Different prints, choose different inks

Printers other than laser printers mainly include dye inks and pigment inks, and some printers also support dual ink systems. The same brand of products, different models, the use of different inks. Therefore, you should choose the type of ink when you purchase it with your own printing purpose.

Dye ink: bright color, suitable for an image printing


Dye inks are soluble in water and therefore easily penetrate into the paper during printing. The color is very bright and shiny, and it is best for printing photos. Ideal for printing photos or illustrations.

However, dye inks also have the disadvantage that it takes more time to dry than pigment inks. Furthermore, because the dye ink is soluble in water, it is easy to smudge if it is wet, not only when printing, but also after the printing is completed.

Pigment ink: sharp text effect, suitable for data printing


The biggest feature of pigment inks is that the particles are large and will not penetrate into the paper and will only stay on the surface of the paper. Therefore, the use of pigment inks can clearly and vividly print text, which is very suitable for friends who mainly use information printing. Furthermore, the pigment ink is insoluble in water, and even if a highlighter is used on the surface of the printed text, it is not easy to smudge.

However, in terms of color printing effect, pigment ink is inferior to dye ink, so it is not suitable for photo printing. If you need to complete work tasks such as printing materials at home, then we recommend printers that use pigmented ink.

Dual ink system: image data is good at


Text printing and image printing. If you don’t know which one to give priority to, it is recommended to use a two-ink system printer, which integrates dye ink and pigment ink, and many of these ink cartridges will blacken the photo (dye ink) and specialize in the document. The plain black (pigment ink) printed is separated. Special ink, whether it is image or text printing, can be done beautifully.

If you often print printed materials such as report materials, calendars, calendars, greeting cards, etc., as well as photos or illustrations, try this dual-ink system printer.

Wi-Fi, no need to worry about wiring


There are a lot of printers now, you don’t need wires when you connect your device, you just need Wi-Fi. Therefore, you can use it freely without having to pay attention to the place. Of course, if it is a product with Wi-Fi and cable, then when the Wi-Fi signal is poor, you can also connect directly to the computer using USB, etc., it is safer to print!